Can I reserve a table?

We are sorry but we do not reserve tables in the taproom. Our taproom only has 11 tables & some seats at the bar therefore it is hard for us to reserve tables.

We can sometimes accommodate this request on a Thursday or Sunday, even then we can’t guarantee that this is possible.

If you would like to rent our space for an event please know that we only rent out for events on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Yes, you can have friends in to celebrate a birthday and bring cake, but again we cannot reserve a table.

Are you dog friendly?

At this time we are only able to allow service dogs into the taproom.  Under PA law beer, ice & water are considered "food" and not beverage therefore we cannot have dogs in a place food is being served.  If anyone can help us change that law, that'd be great.

Are you kid friendly?

We are kid friendly but kindly request that no children be in taproom on Friday & Saturday nights after 8pm.

Do you sell Growlers or Crowlers? Can I drink them right in your taproom?

We sell 32oz Crowlers (one time use container) and 64oz Growlers and Growler refills.  

We refill any you bring in from home but we love our beer so much that we won't refill those clear glass Growlers, it makes our beer sad and ruins the taste, quality is our top priority!

 It is ILLEGAL to consume them in the taproom as per PLCB law.  They are for off premises consumption only,  Thank you!


Where are you located?

We are in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh, make a right off the 40th St. Bridge onto Butler St. then turn onto 37th Street, we are located close to Piccolo Forno & Round Corner Cantina!  Our official address is 3711 Charlotte Street, Pittsburgh PA 15201


What are your hours?

Wed 5-11pm

Thurs 5-11pm

Fri 5-11pm

Sat 12-11pm

Sun 1-7pm


Why aren't you open everyday?

We need to set aside days to make the beer, it's kind of important :-)


What's on tap?

We update our tap list every week, usually on Thursday afternoons, you can find it on our website homepage or any of our social media outlets 

What do you have available in cans?

Again, this is updated weekly on our social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check out any of those outlets to see what is available for purchase


Do you serve food?

We make beer not food BUT we make every effort to have  food trucks on site when we are open though many shut down for the winter, you can find the food truck schedule on our main page

 You can also have food delivered to the taproom using Uber Eats or any delivery app you want


Do have gluten free options?

YES!  We have Arsenal Cider on tap all the time


Need to know more?

You can send an email to us at if you need any other info that you don't see on here and we will be glad to help